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*From seed to still*


This is a smell that has totally captivated me and I am so happy to be able to capture that scent and energy to share with you! Tangerine and Lemon Gem Marigolds are such a bright and beautiful little blossom that has stolen my heart and will forever occupy my garden. Just brushing up against them as I walk through the garden fills the air with the most beautiful smell that is so unique and bright... so, this hydrosol was created to do just that... brighten and bring joy to your day! Use as a facial mist or to cleanse and clear your space to add a bit of brightness and joy.


I have also been seed saving these delightful little blooms and each hydrosol will come with a pack of these seeds so that not only can you enjoy this unique handcrafted hydrosol but you too, can experience the joy of growing these sweet little flowers and experience their smell and presence in your garden as well and discover how delicious they are on salad, tacos and in tea.


This hydrosol was created in a Copper Alembic Still in the garden among the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds... such a beautiful process that I am beyond grateful for! 


I hope you enjoy this very limited creation... magic can not be mass produced! 

YOU'RE A GEM - Hydrosol

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