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::::::::::::: TAP ROOT:::::::::::

::::Enchanting Woodland Scent::::::


This Enchanting woodland Scent is something special!  Unlike cologne or perfume this scent is made with 100% pure essential oils.  Tap Root is a very grounding scent to bring you straight to the forest, with earthy, sweet, and refreshing oils of vetiver, sandalwood, ho wood, rosemary and others.  All blended in avocado oil and FOREST TREASURES!

The forest treasures are always a little different but each very special, including some of the following... mini pine cones, grandfather moss, pressed leaves, mini acorns, birch bark from Vermont and the Adirondacks, and just about any amazingly cute little forest treasure I can find! 

Handcrafted with great love, care and intention in Vermont!


*Essential oils are in the avocado oil making it safe for direct skin contact.  


****If you like the look and idea behind this and would like to make a custom scent just for you, with custom foraged forest treasures... I love doing custom blends!

Tap Root - Enchanting Woodland Scent

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