Reicipe for Renewal - Spring Collection 


This Spring Collection was created to provide Recipes for Renewal and encourage an equinox rebirth to start the season out fresh, renewed and feeling wholesomely held by the plants around you. 


Spring Sparkle - Herbal Body Balm with Mica

May you sprakle like the glittery little miracle that mica is!  We have all been cooped up this winter and can all use a little help getting our sprakle back.  Spring is akin to a sparkle - parallel to moments of magic in life where we witness something unknown + outside ourselves, yet also within.  May this sparkle help your find your sprakle within and without!

Ingredients: All organic jojoba and sunflower oil infused with nettles, comfrey, wild rose, borage, calendula and self heal.  Along with Beeswax, Cocoa butter, coconut oil, mica sparkle and essential oils of wild nerolina + neroli 


Spring Sparkle - Shimmering Herbal Balm