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::: SOLACE :::


-Aromatherapy for this Emotional Rollercoaster-


Finding solace in these uncertain times is not easy.  The emotional ups and downs are all so valid and overwhelming.  This essential oil blend was created to give you that moment of peace, a sigh of relief, an emotional hug that we are all craving during this isolation.  You are not alone, we are all in this together. be patient, go easy on yourself and others.  All of this is new to all of us and it is ok to not *know* what to do.  It is ok to not be ok.


Apply liberally to your temples, crown,  back of your neck and your heart space. massage the oil into your skin.  With the oil on your hands, cup your nose and take several big deep deep breaths.  Fill your lungs and thank them for all their hard work.  Remember, you are so incredibly loved and held at this time. 


Essential oils of roman chamomile, tulsi, may chang, lavender, frankincense and others in carrier oils of jojoba and olive... along with a whole lot of love and compassion for all


::: SOLACE :::

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