::::::: SENSUAL CERMONY ::::::: 

:::::::::: HERBAL ELIXIR :::::::::::

:::::: Conjure LOVE and Passion Within :::::


This aphrodisiac elixir was created to ignite passion within and stimulate your pleasure centers, mentally and physically, while creating ceremony and ritual.  Honor your self, your body or someone elses being and body in a sensual ceremony.  


A magical blend of wild roses, ginger, cacao, hawthorn berries, ashwagandha, damiana, cardamom, cinnamon, maca and a whole lot of love and passion.  extracted in local honey and local apple cider vinegar.


Herbal Oxymel Take 1-3 Droppers Full to CONJURE LOVE & PASSION WITHIN or whenever a you need a little fire.


This special creation was slowly extracted and handmade under the tiniest little crescent moon in Vermont.


I hope you enjoy, from my heart to yours!

Sensual Ceremony - Herbal Elixir