From my garden to yours!


My love for growing and sowing is endless and it is such an honor to share that with all of you!  The art of seed saving has really captured my heart and I will continue to try and offer more seeds from each year.  Saving seeds is the most environmentally friendly way to garden as well as the most beneficial for the abundance of the plants.  By saving the seeds you are saving their memory of the growing season and what they have adapted to in your particular climate and space.  


Here you will find 5 different varieties of flowers that I grew and seed saved from last growing season...


Scabiosa - Black Knight Pincushion Flower


Calendula - Calendula Officinalis


Cosmos - Bright Lights Blend


Poppy - Papaver Somniferum


Lemon + Tangerine Gem Marigold


ALL OF THE PROFITS FROM THE SEED SALES ARE GOING TO BE DONATED TO UNITED PLANT SAVERS... An organization devoted to seed saving and preserving and planting endagered plants.  Which is something I feel very strongly about supporting and I hope you do too!  



SEEDS - From My Garden to Yours