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::::::::::::::Rough & Tumble:::::::::::::::::

:::::::Wild Harvested Arnica Salve:::::::


This salve is amazingly effective!  Encourages quick recovery from bruises, aches, sprains and pains.  

Infused with flowers and the forest.

Arnica only grows at higher elevations mostly along cool streams and river banks or in beautifully shady aspen groves... they are only found in the most beautiful of places and are so healing and sacred it amazes me how incredible nature is.  So generous and kind!  Thank you!


Ingredients: Olive oil infused with wild harvested arnica flowers, st. johns wort, lavender and comfrey from the garden, beeswax, vit. e oil, castor oil, essential oils of lavender, chamomile and others. 

...not intended for open wounds...


Handmade with love in Vermont

Rough & Tumble - Wild Harvested Arnica Rub

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