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Reicipe for Renewal - Spring Collection + Wellness Guide


This Spring Collection + Wellness Guide was created to provide Recipes for Renewal and encourage an equinox rebirth to start the season out fresh, renewed and feeling wholesomely held by the plants around you. 


This is a thoughtful collaboration honoring the changing of seasons and awakening of earth near and far and all points in between; from Chelsea Call in the Sangre de Cristos mountains of Santa Fe to Ali Gianfagna in the Green Mountains of Vermont.  


Each Recipe for Renewal package includes :


Recipe for Renewal - A Guide for Spring Wellness

A 20 page Zine filled with beautiful original illistrations featuring spring plants, their medicinal properties and how to identify and use them with recipes for each.  Along with wellness practices and ways to balance yourself this spring.  7 wonderful recipes to fill your spring days ahead with herbal goodness and delicious mocktails/cocktails.




Recipes for Renewal - A Guide to Spring Wellness

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