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Raw Paw - Dog Paw Balm - Herbal and All Natural - Nose and Toes


Heal, Nourish, and Protect! 

This herbal and all natural dog paw balm is deep conditioning for dry, cracked and worn out playful paws.  Cold winters, hot summers, sand, pavement and all the adventures in between are rough on our dogs paw pads.  Soften those Raw Paws with some herbal goodness.  

Infused with calendula flowers for added healing and moisturizing properties. Great for dry sore noses too! 


Ingredients: Calendula Infused olive oil and avocado oil, coconut oil, Shea butter, Vit. E oil, beeswax and very little essential oils of lemon and rosemary. 

All of the ingredients are food grade and very safe for dogs ... so don't worry if they lick it a little ... it is ok! 


Made with lots of LOVE by a crazy dog loving dog mom!

Raw Paw - Dog Paw Balm

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