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:::::::: Merrily Bee Balm :::::::: For Mama & Baby :::::::::::

A blend of the most beautiful butters and oils infused with herbal goodness to create an all purpose healing and hydrating balm.  Great for growing bellies and babies and everything in between.  Highly effective yet very gentle and safe for precious baby skin.  Hydrates and heals dry irritated skin.  Lessens the appearance of scars and aids in skin elasticity making it great for preventing stretch marks.  Wonderful for sore nipples, cradle cap and diaper rash too!


Ingredients: coconut oil*, olive oil*, apricot oil*, grapeseed oil* all infused with calendula**, chamomile*, lavender*, st.johns wort*, comfrey**, roses**

Shea butter*, cocoa butter*, jojoba oil*, vit E oil, and LOCAL beeswax 


*-organic **-grown in my garden or wild harvested 


Infused with flowers and the forest!!


Handmade with LOVE in Vermont


Originally made for the greatest little farm baby Merrily Bee and her amazing Mama, Natalie Savage  ... being raised among the flowers and veggies with dirty hands and huge smiles!  Garden grown greatness!

Merrily Bee Balm - For Mama & Baby

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