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This mason jar spray top fits any regular mouth mason jar.  Turning your average old mason jar into an awesome spray bottle.  Perfect for creating your own cleaning products... and even more perfect to use with Cleaning Tea!  I hope that this high quality plastic spray top is the last piece of plastic you will need to buy for your home cleaning needs for a very long time!  The spray top is made with recycled plastic and was made in the USA.  


Create your own herbal all purpose cleaning spray with Cleaning Tea!  Conventional cleaning products are full of harsh chemicals and toxic fragrances that do not belong in our homes. Cleaning Tea was created in efforts to avoid those chemicals as well as avoid consuming more plastic in our world that is suffering greatly due to the amount of plastic waste that is produced.  These tea bags are hand sewn with organic cotton and filled with herbal goodness and essential oils and are 100% compostable.  Making them natural, safe and good for you, your family, your home and our precious planet. 


Mason Jar Spray Top

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