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::::::::: LOVE YOUR MOTHER :::::::::::

.............Herbal Tea Blend.................


Fill your cup and warm your heart with this delicious herbal pregnancy/fertility tea.  Soothe nourish and support your body during this very special time.  Herbs to help support the female reproductive system as well as ease stomach discomfort.  Tastes great iced or hot and is good for all females no matter what stage or time in their lives, but especially great for those who are "trying" and could use a boost in fertility and is totally safe and encouraged during pregnancy!  A wonderful blend for females who experience painful cramps with their cycle as a nourishing tonic to ease the discomfort as well as leading up to it.   


Being a female is not always fun or glamorous so this is just nice reminder to always LOVE YOUR MOTHER and know that you are unlimited and beautiful!... and to LOVE YOURSELF!


A beautiful blend of Raspberry Leaf, Wild Roses, Calendula, Nettles, Peppermint, Fennel and others...


Handmade with LOVE and herbal goodness!

Love Your Mother - Herbal Tea

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