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My love for Tulsi is never ending and I treasure its medicine deep within my soul!

This beloved hydrosol was made with freshly harvested Tulsi and slowly distilled in a copper alembic still in the garden among the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.  As I have said before "from seed to still" these small batch plant waters are filled with potent herbal medicine that goes beyond just what the plant offers it also is filled with all the energy set forth by each passing day, each sun rise, each sun set, each sprinkling rain shower and rising of the moon.  It is filled with intention and admiration for each step and part of the process.  


Tulsi is such a sacred herb and it truly lives up to the name Holy Basil, and is worthy of all the worship.  Everything about this plant is captivating & evocative.  Tulsi translates to "matchless" and is believed to be a threshold point between heaven & earth, bringing openness to the mind & heart.  Restoring the light from with in, bring back the goodness, bring back your virtue & joy.  Protects against negative influences & clears the air.  Behold & be held by this incredible plant ally.



I chose to name this HOLY [basil] WATER becuase I am not much of a religious person but I do whole heartly love, worship and care for this Earth and find nature to be a place of holiness, a place to respect and find peace.  So... this was created for those garden, forest and field dwellers.  For those who find awe + wonder in the trees and listen to the stories in the breeze.



Use as a facial mist to tone, calm, soften and soothe... or ... mist to cleanse and clear the space around you

HOLY [basil] WATER

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