This Full Moon Ritual Kit was created to honor and celebrate the powerful moon phases.  Connecting with the moon and her rythms is something that comes so naturally to us... but with all of lifes hustle and buslte and everyday stress we can loose that powerful connection.  I hope this dreamy little Full Moon Ritual Kit can encourage that connection... find time and space to create ritual in harmony with the phases of the moon.  


Each kit includes:

1 - Dream Weaver Tea Blend - this batch is extra beautiful with so many herbs and flowers from the garden! 

Fill your cup and warm your heart with this lucid dream inspiring herbal tea blend.  Herbs to help with memory, relaxation, imagination, and calming the nervous system to achieve deep REM sleep cycles.  Clear your mind, open your heart, and follow your DREAMS!... or at least remember them.


1 - Dream Weaver Lucid Dreaming Oil - adorned with flowers and crystals

This concentrated herbal infusion was created to help promote deep, restful sleep full of dreams!  Intensify the visual journey of dreaming, prophetic and fantasy filling each night with colorful dreams. (for a more in depth description please see


1 - Blue Moon Mist - This Blue Moon Mist was created with handpicked wild Mugwort and distilled in a copper alembic still in honor of the powerful and cosmic moon phases.  Best known for its wondrous ways of enhancing your dreams and boosting dream recall.  Let this mist set the mood and lend its protection to create a safe space. Set intentions and manifest the good you want to see in this world.


1 - Handpicked Mugwort, Tulsi & Flower Smudge - All of the mugwort was wild harvested and the tulsi and flowers all came from my garden.  Burning mugwort in ritual and before bed is known to enhance intuition and dreaming as well as clear your space of negativity and ward off harm.  



Full Moon Ritual Kit