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:::::::::::::::::::::::::: Dream Weaver ::::::::::::::::::::::


Lucid dream inspiring aromatherapy roller.    This is a cosmic combination of herbs and essential oils.  The oil is slowly infused with handpicked wild herbs, and  crystals in harmony with the moon cycles. Capturing not only their incredible plant magic but the magic of each passing day that it experienced in its true wild state... each sun rise and sun set, all those cool mountain breezes and blue sky days along with the darkness of night, the waxing and waning of the moon.   Every step to this creation was done with great thought, care and intention.   


This concentrated herbal infusion was created to help promote deep, restful sleep full of dreams!  Intensify the visual journey of dreaming, prophetic and fantasy filling each night with colorful dreams.  Magnify the brilliance of your dreams and boost memory.  Add vividness and ward off nightmares.  .....Dream Weaving.....


Infused with mugwort, lavender, mullein, wild roses and others...   Along with precious stones of Lepidolite, Azurite, Moonstone, Clear Quartz, and essential oils of Mountain Sage and Roman Chamomile 


All infused in harmony with the moon cycles


Adorned with handpicked california poppies, NM mountain sage, bachelor buttons, and a tiny quartz point crystals.


Long awaited, small batches and limited quantity! 


Handcrafted with LOVE,  plant magic and handpicked treasures!


Our dreams are a true expression and eye into another world that belongs just to you.  Enjoy the journey and happy dream weaving! 

Dream Weaver - Lucid Dreaming Oil

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