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Desert Rose - Botancial Blush - Infused with Earth, Roots & Botanicals


Medicine makeup... the mission behind this product is to not only make you feel and look beautiful but to nourish, heal and protect your beautiful skin.  This botanical blush is filled with beneficial herbs to enrich your skin rather than harm your skin like conventional makeup and not only are the oils used great for hydrating and healing the skin but are naturally protective to sun exposure.  The beautiful rosey color comes from a slow infusion of alkenet root, beet root, and elderberries along with Austrailian pink clay and a touch of shimmer with rose colored mica.  


All from the earth... Botanical & Beautifully Nourishing!


Ingredients ...

Grapeseed oil, jojoba oil and evening primrose oil infused with calendula, elderberries, wild roses, yarrow, alkenet root, beet root, and fennel.  Rosehip see oil, vit. E oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, Australian pink clay, rose colored mica, zinc oxide, carrot seed oil, and essential oils of chamomile, tulsi and others...  



Desert Rose - Botanical Blush - Earth, Roots & Botanicals

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