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Complexion Companion

Nutrient Rich Facial Cream


This nutrient rich facial cream was formulated for sensitive acne prone skin.  These non-comedogenic oils and butters will reduce clogged pores and help defend against skin cell damage, redness, and inflammation while leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated and radiantly smooth.   


Ingredients-  Sunflower seed oil, safflower oil and pumpkin seed oil all infused with chamomile*, calendula*, tulsi*, ashwagandha, horsetail*, reishi mushrooms*. Along with water, aloe, sea buckthorn oil, cocoa butter and mango butter. *-grown in my garden or wild harvested. All ingredients are organic.    

There are no essential oils and no coconut oil!


Here are some of the wonderful properties of these ingredients...

Chamomile--- I love this sunny little flower that reminds us to always reach for the sun!  Small but mighty and contains alpha-bisabolol making it a wonderful for reducing wrinkles and premature aging.  High in anti-inflammatory properties calming the skin and speeding the healing process.


Ashwagandha-- Our skin loves this herb!  Packed full of powerful antioxidants helping to reduce free radicals as well as reduce dark spots, wrinkles, blemishes, redness and sun damage.  Ashwagandha is also anti inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antibacterial.


Horsetail-- This is one of the oldest growing plants on earth!  Filled with vitamins and minerals that our skin craves and absorbs quite wonderfully!  Much of its effectiveness comes from the high about of silica content.  Silica supports the regeneration of connective tissue and can firm skin noticably as well as being amazing for acne and preventing breakouts.  Silica is a component of collagen keeping our skin youthful and can be very helpful with skin irritations like eczema.


Reishi-- These beautiful mushrooms have the ability to penetrate deep within our skin.  Hydrating and helpful to reduce the signs of aging, and fine lines.  Synthesize ceramide which is our protective skin layer that keeps moisture in.  Let these mushrooms detoxify and beautify your skin!


Mango Butter-- Filled with a lot of the same vitamins and nutrients as the fruit, the butter is wonderful for your skin!  Containing vitamins A, C B6, E and calcium, folate, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc.  This butter is also non-comedogenic meaning it will not clog pores and absorbs wonderfully making it great for acne prone skin.


Pumpkin Seed Oil-- This oil is so wonderful for skin and is often overlooked.  Works to balance our skins natural oils and supports wound healing and production of collagen.  Very light weight and absorbs quickly.  Naturally antibacterial and very high in anti-inflammatory properties making it an excelent choice for acne prone skin.  


Sunflower Oil--  This oil is anti-oxidant rich and high in linolic acid.  Helps to moisturize and protect the integrity of your outer most layer of skin.  High in vitamin E and essential fatty acid omega 6 which can be very helpful in defending against skin cell damage and one of the best oils for over exposed sun damage.  Helps to retain water leaving the skin radiant, soft and smooth.  Enhances the texture and tone of your skin overall.


Safflower Oil--  This oil is also non-comedogenic meaning it will not clog your pores.  Higly absorbant and high in anti-inflammatory properties helping to reduce redness, roughness and irritation.  Really helps to maintain yours skins natural moisture, as well as removing dead skin cells and impurities, leaving your skin soft, smooth and hydrated.


I hope you enjoy! 

Complexion Companion - Nutrient Rich Facial Cream

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