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This Blue Moon Mist was created with handpicked wild Mugwort and distilled in a copper alembic still in honor of the powerful and cosmic moon phases.  Mugwort is pure plant magic and shares itself in abundance.  Best known for its wondrous ways of enhancing your dreams and boosting dream recall.  Promotes deep, restful sleep while intensifying the visual journey of dreaming, magnifying the brilliance and color of your dreams.  Let this mist set the mood and lend its protection to create a safe space. Set intentions and manifest the good you want to see in this world. 


This Moon Mist is also a great facial toner - Balance your skins natural pH and tone.  Mugwort's anti-inflammatory properties help soothe redness and calm irritated skin. 


The finished hydrosol was also left outside to be infused with the light of the full moon.




This month has two full moons making this full moon a BLUE MOON!


**not intended for those who are pregnant** 

BLUE MOON - Mugwort Magic

$18.00 Regular Price
$14.40Sale Price
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