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:::::::::::::::::::::::: Blemish Buster :::::::::::::::::::::::


Herbal spot treatment to save the day!  This concentrated herbal blend is packed with vitamins and minerals that will quickly reduce blemishes, redness and irritation.  Full of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to take down any pesky break out.  Nourishing and gentle healing herbs added to help condition and calm the skin.  Astringent properties help to pull out impurities and tighten the skin to speed up recovery.   ... Back to feeling like your beautiful self!


 Ingredients : Witch hazel infused with calendula*, red clover*, nettles*, dandelion root, juniper berries*, arnica*, green tea, white willow bark, and roses*.  Vit. E oil, essential oils of juniper, geranium, tea tree, and others...

*-handpicked goodness


Handmade with LOVE and herbal goodness!!

Blemish Buster - Herbal Spot Treatment

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