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::::::::::::::::::::::  AlpenGlow  :::::::::::::::::::::::

Herbal infused brightening serum.  Incredibly restorative facial oil.  


This silky facial serum is packed full of herbal goodness and can be used for all skin types. Great anti-inflammatory properties helping to reduce redness and irritation.  High in linoleic acids, and essential fatty acids, vit A,D and E making it very healing, while reducing premature aging and fine lines.  Essential oils and the herbal infused oils aid in balancing the skin tone, acne, scaring and dryness.  Heal and restore your skins natural beautiful glow!  




Ingredients:   Evening primrose oil*, rosehip seed oil*, argan oil*, jojoba oil*,

grapeseed oil*, avocado oil*, almond oil*, apricot kernel oil*, castor oil*, vit.E oil    infused with...lavender*, calendula**, chamomile**, red clover**, lemon balm**, st.johns wort*, comfrey**, nettles** and wild roses**                          

 *- organic     **- Wild Harvested or from my Garden 



Always created in small batches by hand with lots of love in Vermont!


If you like this oil but would like one made to fit your personal skin type, or desires... message me!  I love making custom oil blends!!

Alpen Glow - Facial Serum

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