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Against the Grain - Herbal Exfoliating Sprinkle 


Now in plastic free packaging!  This beautiful glass bottle is made with recycled Spanish glass.


This herbal exfoliating sprinkle is gentle, nourishing, and suitable for all skin types and can be used daily.  A herbal treat for your face!  Restores your skins natural glow, removes dead skin cells, reduces fine lines and smooths complexion.  


Sprinkle a little into your palm with water and wash your face as usual or add a sprinkle into your face wash for an added exfoliating herbal goodness! ... I love to add it to honey for an a extra nourishing facial scrub.



Organic Oats, Organic Rice, Nettles*, organic Lavender, Wild Roses*, Lemon Balm*, Calendula flowers* and Peppermint*                        *- Handpicked from my garden or handpicked in the beautiful forest!


Plant magic for your beautiful face!  


Handcrafted with love and intention in Vermont

Against the Grain - Exfoliating Sprinkle

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