Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

By joining our influencer program, you'll promote and share our products with people who love fashion! While getting a 10% discount for yourself, friends, family and followers, you'll also get the chance to be rewarded in 3 extra ways! 1. Code Sharing: Everytime someone makes a purchase through your unique code, your influencer rank will increase. The influencer with the most sales through their unique code will receive a £20 gift voucher! One lucky influencer will be chosen each month and featured across our socials! 2. Mini Content Creation (Tiktok & Instagram Reel) Make two short 60 second videos featuring at least one Sakura Holic product and post it on your socials. Send us a quick email with a link to your content, we'll review it then send you a £5 gift voucher! 3. Sakura Holic Video (YouTube Haul, Lookbook or Style Guide) Make a full length 10 minute video featuring at least 5 Sakura Holic products and post it to YouTube! This could be a try on haul, lookbook or style guide, it's up to your creativity! Again, once you post it, send us an email with a link to your video, we'll review it and then send you a £10 gift voucher!

I don't have many followers, can I still join?

No problem, simply fill out the form above to be considered! We'll check your account to make sure it's non offensive and safe for our customers. We're currently considering all sized accounts at the moment so don't be shy! We're welcoming people of all ages, genders and nationalities!

How can I be rewarded a £5 gift voucher?

Create two Instagram Reels or Tiktoks and show off our product in a fun and positive way! Your videos should be: * 15-60 seconds long * show at least one of our products * include music or talking * include 'Sakura Holic' in text on the video * include hashtags #sakuraholic #sakuraholicinfluencer #koreanfashion #japanesefashion plus additional ones like #minimalstyle #kpopstyle #harajukustyle #fashionhaul #lookbook Where possible, you should link the featured product(s) and include your unique discount code in your profile or comments. Once you post your content, send us a link to it, we'll review it and then send you a £5 gift voucher!

How can I get a £10 gift voucher?

Make a dedicated Sakura Holic fashion video and post it on Youtube! You could model our clothes, do a try on haul, style up some outfits and review them in a fun and positive way! The possibilities are endless, it's up to your creativity! Your video must: * feature at least 5 Sakura Holic products * be at least 10 minutes long (e.g. 10:01) * include our Sakura Holic logo in the thumbnail * include "Sakura Holic Haul/ style / lookbook" in the title * link all featured products in description * include tags like: #sakuraholic #sakuraholicinfluencer #Koreanfashion #Japanesefashion #minimalstyle #lookbook #tryonhaul etc. You should also include your unique Sakura Holic Influencer code in your description. Once you post your video, send us a link to your content by email. We'll review it then send you a £10 gift voucher! *You may use other clothing items in this video as long as you feature a minimum of 5 Sakura Holic items.

How can I get a discount code?

Sign up to become an influencer with us and we'll give you a unique Sakura Holic Influencer discount code for 10% off every order! This can be used by anyone you share it with, like your friends, family and followers! Share the code as much as possible! The influencer with the most sales through their unique code we'll recieve a £20 gift voucher each month!

Are there any extra rules?

The gift vouchers can only be spent on Sakuraholic.com. The minimum order value is £10 to redeem a £5 gift voucher and £15 to redeem a £10 gift voucher. The voucher must be used at one time in its entirety, no change will be given. One gift voucher can be used per purchase. Any content you post as part of our Influencer program should remain posted and visible to the public. Therefore the content should not be offensive in any way. It should not include swearing, bullying, derogatory comments, hate speech or portray Sakura Holic or other brands in a negative way. You may express your own opinions but please keep the content respectful. Sakura Holic reserves the right to remove any Influencer from our program if we feel that their content is offensive. The Influencer will be notified via email. By creating content as part of the influencer program, you give Sakura Holic permisssion to feature the content across our social media platforms (the creator of the content will always be credited). All influencers can create unlimited content and share their code as much as possible, which will increase their chances of winning a monthly £20 gift voucher! All influencers however are limited to recieveing a maximum of two gift vouchers a month for sponsored content. E.g. if you make three YouTube haul videos, you will only receive gift vouchers for the first two.